Hello Genius, a US based startup story

Hello Genius is a technology startup founded by two entrepreneurs in 2019 with a vision to create a revolutionary educational technology product that could transform the way kids learn and how their parents participate in their kid’s learning journey. 

Hello Genius was trying to get the product built by a consulting company based out of India. The consulting company is known to be among the best technology product-building companies. However, despite the engagement with that hired consulting company and spending $1.9M in 18 months, the company had not even accomplished 10% of their vision, hence no significant progress towards their vision.

Xaigi was then brought in to replace the above consulting company and start building the product. This change was the turning point for Hello Genius, and it made all the difference in terms of their product development, quality and delivery standards.

Xaigi was able to help Hello Genius make progress quickly, and they were able to deliver a product that matched 99% of Hello Genius’s vision in just 12 months using an iterative development model at a much lower cost. 

Hello Genius’s rigorous product development process, including numerous iterations, MVP validations, and changes during the developmental stage, was a critical factor in ensuring that the product met the needs of its target audience and achieved its business goals. Despite this rigorous process, Xaigi was still able to deliver a product that met and exceeded Hello Genius’s expectations.

Xaigi’s success in building Hello Genius’s product can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, Xaigi had a strong understanding of Hello Genius’s vision and goals, which helped them to make informed decisions about the product’s development. They worked closely with Hello Genius throughout the development process to ensure that they were aligned with their goals and vision. 

Secondly, the company also had a favourable business model that helped them build strong partnerships with startups. Xaigi’s business model included a mix of cash and equity for startups, which gave them a stake in the game and created an incentive to work collaboratively with Xaigi to achieve their goals. This model allowed startups like Hello Genius to have access to high-quality development and design resources, without having to bear the full cost of these services upfront. Additionally, startups could leverage Xaigi’s expertise and experience to build products that meet the needs of their customers and achieve their goals.

Moreover, Xaigi had a startup-friendly culture, which fostered collaboration, creativity, and innovation. The company was focused on creating an environment where startups could thrive, and where they could develop products that would have a significant impact on the market.

The combination of a favourable business model and a startup-friendly culture made Xaigi an ideal partner for startups like Hello Genius. Xaigi’s approach helped Hello Genius to overcome the challenges they faced in their product development journey and achieve their vision for a revolutionary educational technology product.

Overall, Xaigi’s success in building Hello Genius’s product demonstrates the importance of having the right business model and culture to support startups in their product development journey. Startups need partners who can provide the resources, expertise, and support needed to bring their ideas to life, and Xaigi’s approach provided all of these elements.