AI consulting for Startups

AI Consulting for STARTUP: CASH + EQUITY

Let’s disrupt the market together, having skin in the game with AI consulting services


Minimal margins on our design, engineering, and promotional services to gain our share in the pie of equity.

AI consulting for Startup


We partner with startups by taking equity for engineering services to ease up their journey in the present and disrupt the market together, gaining big rewards through AI strategy development for startups.


We have designed our end-to-end AI consulting services for startups and foster partnerships.


Brainstorming sessions, idea evaluation from design, implementation, market fitment, monetization, and scalability.


Design-led engineering strategy to achieve simplicity, agile-led product development strategy, and development strategy with high availability with higher ROI.


Product engineering with the best-in-class design approach, a consumer-first perspective at the core, users at the heart of the products, and engaging user experiences with utmost simplicity, benefiting from our AI consulting services.


SaaS and Mobile product development using agile methodology, disruptive technology iteratively with end-user participation while AI consulting for startup.


Validating products at different stages of development right from the “POC” to “MVP” to “GP” via our alpha, beta, and consumer testing mechanisms.


Comprehensive, end-to-end digital marketing expertise helps startups reach large audiences, targeting prospective customers, using the latest digital marketing tools & technologies, underpinned by AI technology advisory.

Looking for building a word class product?


We have built these startups from scratch, showcasing our AI strategy development for startups.

A machine learning backed multimedia content platform to enable non linear personalised learning journey for kids

A B2B and B2C mental wellness and support application for individuals and corporates

A B2B mental health application to keep employees out of stress and corporate anxieties

A B2B and B2C mental wellness and support application for individuals and corporates

A B2B mental health application to keep employees out of stress and corporate anxieties

A B2B and B2C mental wellness and support application for individuals and corporates


How can AI consulting empower startups to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency?

AI consulting services provide the best AI solutions for small businesses or startups, like tailored solutions, automating processes, optimizing workflows, and offering insights to improve operational efficiency for startups.

What specific AI technologies can startups leverage to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries?

Startups can leverage AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and computer vision to innovate and differentiate in their industries.

How can AI consulting assist startups in optimizing their marketing strategies and customer acquisition processes?

AI consulting services for startups help startups analyze customer data, personalize marketing campaigns, automate lead generation, and optimize customer acquisition strategies for better results and ROI.

What are the key considerations for startups when integrating AI solutions into their existing workflows?

AI consulting startups must consider data quality, integration with existing systems, scalability, regulatory compliance, and workforce readiness when integrating AI solutions into workflows.

How does AI consulting support startups in overcoming scalability challenges and adapting to rapid growth?

AI consulting provides scalable solutions, automates repetitive tasks, offers predictive analytics for planning, AI strategy development for startups, AI technology advisory for startups, and helps startups efficiently manage growth without compromising quality.

What are the risks and pitfalls associated with implementing AI in startup environments?

Risks include data privacy concerns, algorithm biases, technical challenges, high implementation costs, and the need for specialized talent, which AI consulting helps startups navigate and mitigate.

How can AI consulting help startups harness the power of data to make data-driven decisions and predictions?

AI consulting helps startups collect, analyze, and interpret data, enabling data-driven decision-making, predictive modeling, trend identification, and actionable insights for business growth.

What measurable outcomes can startups expect to achieve through AI consulting services?

Startups can expect improved operational efficiency, cost savings, accelerated growth, enhanced customer experiences, increased revenue, and competitive advantage through AI consulting services.

How do you tailor your AI consulting services to meet the unique needs and goals of each startup client?

AI consulting services are customized based on each startup's industry, size, goals, challenges, and existing infrastructure, ensuring solutions are scalable, relevant, and aligned with their specific needs and objectives.