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At Xaigi, we’re passionate about crafting digital experiences that resonate. We combine creativity, user empathy, and expertise to design intuitive interfaces and seamless interactions. We tailor solutions for startups and enterprises, working collaboratively to turn your vision into reality.

Navigating the UX Journey with Precision

We employ a strategic design methodology, seamlessly guiding you through every phase of the UX journey

Discovery Workshop

To understand business and project vision by talking to major stakeholders, and defining key metrics to measure the success of the project.

UX and Inclusivity Audit

Auditing your current product with respect to best UX practices, and accessibility guidelines.

User Research and Archetyping

To identify the unmet needs and pain points of your ideal user segments using qualitative/quantitative research methods.

Competitor Analysis

Benchmarking the experience with direct and indirect competitors and inspirations, both for strategy and visual language.

Information Architecture and User Flows

Defining the jobs to be done, user flows and subsequently the ideal information narrative for your product/service.

UX Copy Writing

Creating a UX Copy strategy that will help create an experience that end users can easily understand and resonate with.

UX Strategy and Wireframing

Defining a strategy that bridges user needs and business goals, represented through low and high-fidelity wireframes. Success here is a functionally elegant and efficient product.

Style Guide, User Interface Design and Prototyping

Integrating brand identity, voice, tone, colour psychology, typography and motion design to add a burst of delight and emotions to the product.

Testing and Refinement

Testing the prototypes of major flows with users of the product while also tracking predefined KPIs to help measure success. Refinement of the product through successive iteration cycles.

Why Choose Xaigi for Your UX Needs?

Comprehensive UX/UI Design Solutions

End-to-end services - wireframing, prototyping, visual design, and interactive interfaces

User Research-Driven Approach

Understanding user’s needs to create intuitive experiences that resonate

Usability and Accessibility

Prioritizing usability and accessibility standards for inclusive designs

Iterative Design and Optimization

Continuous improvement based on user feedback and industry best practices

Tools and Technologies We Use

Leveraging cutting-edge UX tech, we craft pixel-perfect experiences that redefine user journeys with precision and innovation

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