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Startups, let’s build together

We partner with startups by taking equity for engineering to build products together having skin in the game.

Our work with startups?

Just throw your idea to us, we partner with you and start building the disruptive technology together with equal passion and having our skin in the game.

Ideation - 370-245


We collaborate with our startups right from ideation including brainstorming sessions, idea evaluation from design, implementation, market fitment, monetization and scalability perspective by doing researches and discussions iteratively.

Strategy - 370-245


By leveraging our startup expertise we work with our partners to build the robust strategy of design-led engineering to achieve simplicity, agile led product development, deployment with high availability at core, promotion and digital marketing focused on higher ROI in optimised cost.

Design - 370-245


Our product engineering services led by best in class design approach having consumer-first perspective at the core by putting users at the heart of the products that will create engaging user experiences with uttermost simplicity.

Product Development - 370-245

Product Development

Our technology capabilities of SaaS and Mobile product development is based on agile methodology and its reliable principles which make sure our startup partners are building the great, disruptive technology iteratively with end-user participation.

Validation - 370-245


We help startups in validating their product at different stages of product development right from the “proof of concept” to “minimum viable product” to “general public release” via our alpha, beta and consumer testing mechanisms.

Promotion - 370-245


By leveraging our comprehensive, end-to-end digital marketing expertise we help startups reach larger audiences by targeting their prospective customers who are most likely to buy their products and it’s services using the latest digital marketing tools and technologies.

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