5 Tips to manage AI projects in media and entertainment

Tips to manage AI projects in media and entertainment

With the increasing popularity of AI in media and entertainment, it’s important to know how to manage AI projects effectively. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to do just that. We’ll discuss how to choose the right AI platform, how to manage data, and how to evaluate results.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to successfully manage AI projects in media and entertainment.

Defining objectives is crucial in AI projects

Identify the goals of the project– at the onset of the project it is highly essential to identify the goals of the project, as it helps in setting the expectation of the stakeholders

Defining the success criteria– It is highly essential to define the key success indicators of the project. A well define KPI based project helps in achieving milestones

Creating a plan of action is key

Creating challenges that might arise– As media and entertainment is a creative field, so various psychological and emotional triggers remain adhered to such projects. An experienced project team needs to create all possible scenarios of the challenges that the project may encounter.

Create a timeline– Rome was not built in a day and neither we can , so creating th best case scenario and the worst case scenario with timelines at the onset of the project, helps to  set the expectations of the both the parties 

Monitoring progress regularly

Track key metrices–   Based on the plan of action, it is highly essential to track the key metrices of the project, so as to have a realistic visualization of the achievement of the project milestones

Identify resources needed– In a specialised project for media and entertainment project, it is highly essential to identify the expertise required and create a plan of mapping them. This will ensure availability of right resource at right time.

Being prepared for unexpected challenges 

Assess progress regularly– Regular checkups at key pointers helps to anchor the projects better. This helps to prepare for any unforeseen challenges that the team might incur.

Understand the technologies better– Technological advancements and disruptions are happening round the clock. So it is highly essential for the project management team to be abreast of the latest technological changes and use then to their advantage.

Getting input from stakeholders

Identify the key stakeholders– While many people may have a say in a project, it is highly essential to have a key stakeholder whose words will be the final verdict.

Else without clarity, all the team members may create a chaos leading to debacle of the project.Be prepared to collect their feedback and act upon them. Also, the team needs to accept their criticism and address them

Be aware of regulatory restrictions– the team needs to be an expert in their knowledge of the regulatory restrictions, so as to avoid any problem that may occur due to non- compliance issues.

Conclusion – Important aspects for managing AI projects

Application of AI in project management for Media and entertainment sector is vast. Every new day brings freshness of ideas and applications. The challenges are also increasing everyday as the dimensions are increasing multifolds.

In such cases , the project managers need expert team.But following the above mentioned tips will help to glide over the pitfalls and create a robust AI project in media and entertainment sector.

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